George starred in The Piper a new play by Colleen Murphy at Vibrant – A Festival of Finborough Playwrights on 12 July 2011

From the programme:

Rats take many forms in the corporate democracy of Hameln where an orchestrated chaos reigns and ghosts of dead children mingle with the living. Ruled by the tyrannical Mayor Pop, the Town Council sells off essential services so that they can buy more casinos. A gang of Rats, led by Kingsley – who reads Nietzsche and longs to be human – bristle at being forced to do naughty jobs in exchange for leftovers. Into this greedy landscape comes Piper, a meek musician who literally collides with Pink, the Mayor’s daughter, and they are instantly smitten…but their love is interrupted when the body of the Deputy Mayor’s son is fished out of the river. Moral outrage erupts, Kingsley is publicly tortured, and Hameln declares war on the Rats…then the fun begins. Beneath the theatrical merriment of this boisterous comic-tragedy lies an astute meditation on a self-destructing society and the anguish of children clinging to the notion of unconditional love.

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Creative Team

Written by Colleen Murphy
Directed by Fidelis Morgan


Jo Cameron Brown
Poppy Carter
Rupert Farley
Rupert Frazer
Hermione Gulliford
Bob Gwilym
Carsten Hayes
Philip Herbert
Robin Hooper
Angus Imrie
George Irving
Frances Lo
Katie Meekison
Pauline Moran
Peter Moreton
Olivia O’Shea
Emilie Patry
Dudley Sutton
Sian Thomas
Julian Wadham
Christopher Webber
Tristram Wymark