Antonio’s Breakfast is a powerful short film from Daniel Mulloy produced in 2005 and winner of several awards.

Living on the fourteenth floor of a London tower block and unable to dress, eat, move or even breathe unaided, Antonio’s father is completely dependant upon Antonio for his very existence. Increasingly desparate, Antonio is unable to let himself excape.

United Kingdom, 16 minutes

Director: Daniel Mulloy
Screenwriter: Daniel Mulloy

Full Cast

  • Dominique Kavaan
  • George Irving
  • Derrion Adams
  • Daniel Campbell
  • Kurt Burgess
  • Romell Holness
  • Doreen Mantle


  • Best Live Action Short (winner) – 2005 British Academy Awards
  • Short Film Jury Prize (winner) – 2006 Newport International Film Festival

George Irving in Antonio's Breakfast 2005